Hi, my name is Joe. I'm one of those creative types who lived in Brooklyn and then moved to Los Angeles.






I write original scripts for television.




This one ranked in the top 15% of submissions in the 2017 New York Television Festival Scripts Competition.


I also write funny things for the internet.


And about music or television or pop culture.





People have described my tweets as "clever" and my Instagram as "like always on point."




I founded Halftime Hennessy, the popular independent sports and pop culture site, and I served as its editor and manager for 4 years.




I also listen to a lot of music.




And have been running this music blog for 10 years.




I make my own music, too. 




But I've never served as a special agent in the United States Secret Service for 23 years...




Or worked as a printmaker who was buddies with Kurt Vonnegut.




But I did create the Lil Wayne Metaphor Machine.




And I have a regular blog, too.




Don't forget to visit the archives.




And get in touch...





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