Going West

A week from today, I’m moving to Los Angeles. I’m trading the best coast for the west coast, subway cars for hybrids, and the Gowanus canal for the ones in Venice I hear so much about. I’m swapping pizza for tacos and bagels for, I don’t know, probably some kind of spinach wrap or flatbread? Definitely something less good than bagels…. definitely taking a big hit there…

As for New York, I will miss it and everyone in it. The city can’t be fully understood in prose or pictures or playlists, so I won’t try. Instead, I’d like to thank New York for doing what New York does—for breaking people down and rebuilding them in its own image: harder, better, faster, stronger, skyscraping monuments of capability. 

New York, I love you. 

All my friends, too. And my family. You’re exceptional and one and the same. 

A wise person once said, “The thing about New York is that, whoever you are, you’re not that important.” And although that statement is thoroughly and delightfully true, it doesn’t mean that sometimes you can’t feel that way, if only for a beer or two. So, to everyone who came out to wish me well, thank you for the send off. It meant a lot. To everyone who wished me goodbye, thank you for the kind words. To everyone who gave me parting gifts… that was less helpful—I’m already out of room in my luggage. 

And to those of you who might be a little sad, don’t think of this as losing a friend; think of it as gaining a self-centered, sun-soaked jagwagon who will probably let you stay at his place next time the hypercosmic polar vortex cold snaps the eastern seaboard into ice chips.

Seriously though, please come visit. I’ll miss you.